the all naked


Born and raised in Algarve’s capital, he was always connected with the hardest types of music. With a personal taste not only for Hard Techno, Rave or Schranz, also HardCore, Metal and Gangsta Rap were always present on the soundtrack of his life. Creating alternative events since 2007, nowadays he organizes the infamous “Naked Sessions’ ‘.

He’s the owner of the label, agency and event promoter – theallnaked -, a name that is also assumed by his monthly residency at Art Haus Club, which he also manages.

 Recently, because the craving to create doesn’t seem to cease, Knox started to mix tracks himself so he has another channel of communicating everything that he cannot translate through words.

The All Naked


From Rave, Hard Techno, Industrial or Schranz, these are hot nights on the higher and faster spectrum of electronic music for those who are not easily impressed with heavy basses and darker vibes


Artists invited


Række (ARG) , Dark V0iD, Paula Kasbaeh(ES), Zezalien, Senaex(DE), Rato, Nyvs, Klash, Ania Utset, Stëh (BR), LalØ (DE), Luko (DE), PEIX, Madson Carpenter (BR), Bastet (ES), Yury Rets (DE/RU), Schusta, Sina, Gaddam, WTDK.IN

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